I Left My Heart In San Francisco 

Frank Sinatra was right, San Francisco is a beautiful city. You totally fall in love with it!!! (I’m referring to the song : I left my hear in San Francisco)


The (Iconic) Golden Gate Bridge

My last visit was in 2013, but it’s still as fresh as bread out of the oven. In my case, sour dough. 😉

What all to pack-

  • It tends to get cold-ish, so make sure you throw in a jacket with a cosy stole or scarf
  • Flat shoes or sneakers, to tame the hilly-terrain

What all  to do

Happy like a kid

Happy like a kid

Summary  of our day

We, took a day trip and covered the city in about 6-7 hours. You get plenty of breaks to eat, explore, etc. They started with a ferry ride,  hich took us Sausalito and after an hour’s break there, we hopped on to  a bus for The Golden Gate Bridge. Then, Lombard street and the Japanese tea garden, followed by The Painted Ladies & China town. I did not enjoy the tea garden, just lot of walking to do, nothing else. (2009)

We took a cab, to the fisherman’s wharf, and the ambiance is lively. But, just a lot of walking. Ghiradelli Square is  on the western side of the wharf.  It was super hard to find a taxi, so we had to stand in the longest line ever, for the tam. But, it was worth the wait 🙂 (2011)

And, ofcourse we always a keep a day or two free to shop, or just R &R (rest & relaxation)

An old click (2011)

An old click (2011)


We wanted to visit the Yosemite National Park, and used the services of, Extranomical Tours & must say it was superb. We  did a day trip, but you can totally stay the night if that’s what you’d prefer. They do expect a gratuity or a tip, at the end of trip.

Some more interesting things to when in the bay area –

Trip to Muir Woods

Trip to Carmel & Monterrey.

We, had limited time, so were not able to do the above, but hey, now we have another reason to go back right 😉 ?

Have you been to San Francisco? What were the highlights of your trip, or your favorite spot? I really loved  the Sasalito, cute little town and great food!!!!


36 thoughts on “I Left My Heart In San Francisco 

  1. Bijoux

    OMG! Was there two weeks ago! I will blog about it soon! I used Extranomical for their SF City tour. Six hours long. I saw everything but the Japanese Garden and Lombard St, as the shuttle bus wasn’t allowed on it. Had a blast, even though I was alone.

    1. slimexpectations Post author

      No, we didn’t visit Alcatraz! I was not v enthusiastic about it, but some people seem to love the place.

  2. lacey@fairytalesandfitness

    Sounds like a great trip! I have always wanted to visit San Francisco and see the golden Gate Bridge. I’d love to see the Full House house…haha.Even though it does not look like the original. But I was a huge fan back in the day.


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