Weekend Mismash

I had a very busy weekend, given that it was my wedding anniversary on Saturday I think I did pretty well regarding my fitness goals

The best go-to snack!

The best go-to snack!

Friday, had to take a road-trip & I’m (drum rolls) proud to share, that my food was not hocus-pocus, like always. While my husband & kids enjoyed the yummy chhole bhature, I stuck to my chicken wrap. Yes, I actually packed my food this time.

Although, any other day I would have treated this day as an outting and enjoyed a cheat meal, but I wanted to leave the splurging for my anniversary 😉

Not to gloat, but, I’m already done with 20km for the month. Yes, I did it in a week. I think I was scared to commit to a bigger number. Now, that the goal is over, I can certainly make changes and add more Kms!

I do however really need to, work on my pace!

How do you celebrate your special days? I love to bake cakes & also  eat them. So, I just ate a bite of this cake and a good chunk of chocolate.

19 thoughts on “Weekend Mismash

  1. Theresa

    Good for you for sticking to your packed lunch. It could have been easy to cheat, but I am proud of you for sticking with it.

    Hope you have a lovely anniversary!


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