Thankful Thursday 

Thankful Thursday 

Todays post, is a link up with Tina & Amrita!

1) Runs For Cookies – I have to start with Katie’s blog. THE blog which made me even begin my weightloss journey.

Infact, I made my own blog because I wanted to have accountability for my weightloss as well.

She lost lot of weight & shares a good deal of what she eats, recipes, and more. 

Her story made me believe that I too, can lose weight! 

I started walking 3 miles thrice a week, just because she inspired me & continues to do so.

2) Theresas Mixed Nuts– I stumbled upon her blog back in 2013 & she was always a sweet friend. Still is. Infact, she even asked her followers to follow me on my social media while hosting a giveaway on her blog. Who does that? Someone special indeed!

She got me into blog hopping & I remember doing many Wordless Wednesdays with her. Her blog is a treat to the eyes, filled with awesome reviews & recipes. I hope to meet her sometime. So, thankful for finding her blog😀

3) Khushboo’s Blog – another blog that I’m glad, I hit on.  She has also lost commendable amount of weight & now is one of the better dietitians I know.

I opted for one of her plans & learnt that I don’t have to just eat fish & greens for weightloss. I can also indulge in pastas, biscuits and if that’s not enough treat myself to a piece of chocolate too & still lose weight. I knew, I wanted a more realistic approach for losing weight & her meal plans, did just that! 

You can find many recipes on her blog, & her Instagram page dedicated just to delicious healthy food, which you should totally  checkout.-@Kweigh1

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