Thankful Thursday 

Thankful Thursday 




I believe in, God, so before coming to people, let me just take a minute to thank God. Without his blessings, I would not have these beautiful people to be thankful for in my life.

My Husband
– I’m so thankful, for my God sent, husband. Thank you, for not only being my comfort and strength when I’m failing…but also for enjoying & sharing life with me. Thank you, for being my person. And, thank you for the  waffles you make for me when I’m feeling low 😊

My Father– Thank you Papa, for giving me so much love. Another, thing that I’m so thankful to you is for the confidence, that you made sure I had, right from the start. Thank you for spoiling me & fulfilling my wishes–no matter how silly they would be.

Papa took me to Bombay, specially to make me meet Salman Khan!
My Mother– Thank you mom, for being my friend before I was born. For seeing the best in me, even when I flunked my maths pre-board. Thank you, for ignoring the tantrums, I would throw when you made me clean my room .Had, you not ignored them, I would certainly be less independent today!

My Baby Brother– Of-course, he is no longer a baby! It was the January of 1992, when my ‘baby’ brother was born. You can, imagine the excitement o a fourth grader. He is my first & only sibling and continues to give me joy everyday. Thank you, for coming to my life and also for the many car-rides to the mall when there is no one else😉

Best pic of me & my brother!

My Twins

My Son Ayaan – Thank you dear, you give me so much joy that it fills my heart with warmth. Thank you for telling me about Higgs Boson which, honestly I still don’t really understand 😉

My Son Amaan – Your silly  jokes and affection are what I’m thankful to you for! Also, thank you for transferring music to my iPhone, I’m still learning 🙂

My Mother In Law – I thank my mother-in-law, for not being the  typical soap-opera ‘saas’ Thank you for pushing me hard to continue with my studies (even though I was disinterested!) I hope, one day I can also be  such a cool & warm mother in law.

Blogging World  – Had it not been for my blog, I wouldn’t have bothered to do blog- hops & make new friends. I have made a lot of friends -Thank you  Theresa & Amrita, for being by my side & introducing me to the ‘blog-hops a great, part of blogging which I was not aware of.  Tanvee, thank you for making me fall in love with fitness! Thank you  Katie, for being an inspiration and making me set running goals!

Thank you  Roma, SumanShalini, Tina, NausheenDeepa, Ajay, Bijoux, for being such good friends and being just email away!

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