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Happy New Year Ladies & Gentlemen , warm Welcome at ClickandBlogAStory Linky Challenge !!!

Did you make any Blogging resolutions ? Or are you looking for one that can stay with you for the whole year and let you connect like never before? We are giving you a chance to bring new vibes in your blogging . Check out ClickandBlogAStory Linky Challenge Over All About The WomanSlim Expectations blog

And what is this whole thing about? You are given one new prompt as a theme for every week , you grab your camera and interpret the weekly prompt in your style, then share it with your original lines based on theme & your photo, in 140 characters only.  It can be in any form quotes ,poems, stories !!!

What ? Your Photos don’t match the theme ? Yes, you can take this challenge with any photos .


ClickandBlogAStory Linky Challenge Week 1 Prompt

New Horizon

Get the jump on your New Year’s resolutions in this week’s #ClickandBlogAStory Linky Challenge.

This week, we’re challenging you to think ahead & reveal your New Year’s resolutions,  something that you want to achieve – Like setting a new goal, making plans and imagine your new horizon. Go!

Here wishing everyone Happy New Year and starting ClickandBlogAStory  Linky Challenge with my co-host  Bushra (Dew)

RULES OF THE ClickandBlogAStory Linky Challenge

1. Follow Us :

2. You will be given a prompt every week. Based on that prompt, you have to interpret in an of the given below forms :

a)140 characters also known as #Microblogging

(It can be in a form of poetry, quote or just a normal write up)


b) 250-300 Words

c) You are also required to add a picture related to the theme.

3. Link Up your post with DewZainab

4. Prompts will be announced every Sunday 20:00 hrs IST.

5. We would love & thankful if you Subscribe to our Blog

6. Read, comment, share on host and co-hosts posts and as many posts in the Linky.

7. Use #ClickandBlogAStory in your post &  Put #ClickandBlogAStory Badge on your Blog or Post.

8. Share your post on Instagram Tagging us & Using Hashtag #ClickandBlogAStory

9. Every week we will have one featured blogger who is the best among all.




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#ClickandBlogAStory Linky Challenge. with DewZainab The link will be open till Sunday 23:55hrs IST. Read, comment, share on host & co-host posts and read as many in the linky!

20 thoughts on “ClickandBlogAStory Linky Challenge

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  3. Nadaan Parinda

    Let us drown down all the negative voices in our lives and tune our ears and hearts to the words of life, love and hope . Happy New Year and good look for your new blog hop and challenges in life.

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