If you are acquainted, with me or my blog you know by now that I take things too seriously. (Trying to change)


I wish I could say that   I don’t stress, but sadly I think I’m the queen of stressing.

If I’m faced with a challenge, my initial reaction is panic. After that, I do resort to God and perhaps cry it out.

But, then I tell myself that, life is packed with good and not so good moments. So, this too shall pass.

It gives me the courage for sure.

Do you stress easy? How do you deal with it?  Ironically, my next post is all about stress. Would love your feed back:)


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8 thoughts on “ClickAndBlogAStory

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  3. Neha Tambe

    Yeah! Stress is something that everyone undergoes and has different mechanisms to cope with. Sadly not everyone is as open about it as you. Me too hug the belief of this too shall pass when I am stressed and then instead of crying I prefer to sleep over it, literally 😛

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  5. Richa Choudhary

    Even Me Zainab…i Think i am cool and dont take stress but my husband is like you are the queen of stress….So this new year i have decided to stay cool actually not just by saying but meaning it 🙂


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