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Envy is just a fancy, word for jealousy. But, it certainly does not mean having hatred.

We turn green with envy,  towards someone who is better than us.



As human beings, we will fail to recognize our accomplishments, and always manage to find the grass greener on the other side.

If you are an 80’s child, you might have stumbled upon this add, and trust me, I now understand the ‘deeper’ meaning of the same.

Bhala uski kameez, meri kameez se safed kese?

Translated to

How come, his shirt, is whiter (cleaner) than mine?

We all WILL envy someone in our lives, no matter how much we are deny

I envy everyone who is slim and does not have to count calories. Like my brother, he can eat the entire pizza followed by the new Oreo silk chocolate, and well, he will still be tall & slim.

And, if I indulge like this, I will have to walk 3 miles the next day and probably, stay off crisps and sweets for the whole year.

But, do I hate him ? NO ! I do hate the fact though. 

But does make me a bad person…no, mikes me human!!!

But, channel this ENVY into something more positive. How about, counting your blessing instead?

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20 thoughts on “Envy #ClickandBlogAStory

  1. Novemberschild

    You are right most of the people we come across to are envious and jealous. There are many reasons behind this. First and foremost is, the people who suffer from inferiority complex have jealousy attitude. Secondly, when a person has to compete the other person, he starts being jealous. Thirdly, some are jealous because of rivalry inside. Fourthly, sometime a person does not want to be jealous but circumstances make him to behave negatively, as in the case of sibling rivalry ; as 2 brothers or 2 sisters being compared by people, they get jealous of each other. And last but definitely not the least, the person who suffers jealousy has a fear in mind, which is related with psychological illness. Here I wan to add that jealousy can benefit a person, if he/she is taking it in a healthy way.

    Linking my post on the same prompt soon.

  2. Neha

    Very true! The fine line between envy and hate is the fact that you yearn about something that you don’t have but you don’t curse others for having it!
    Neha recently posted…EnvyMy Profile

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  4. Dipika

    Lovely post Z… i loved the eating waala part, was actually laughing reading it!!! So true.. EnVy of all those curves…. but that will not change my reality.
    Linking mine soon

    And thanks a lot for your love…feels great to win #ClickandBlogAStory chapter.
    Dipika recently posted…Five Lessons I Learned As A MomMy Profile

  5. Akshata (@Awestruck_Aks)

    Thats a refreshing take on Envy. It resonates with me. We are humans and it is but natural to be envious of someone who leads a better life, has a better salary, a better physique. Its about acknowledging it and turning it into something positive as you rightly mentioned. Kudos!!

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