Thankful Thursday: Silent Gratitude?

Thankful Thursday: Silent Gratitude?

The prompt is  thought inducing. Silent gratitude.

I think I happen to say Thank you a little more than needed. And, there is nothing wrong with that.  No one feels sad by being thanked.

A small three year old will always point out, to say thanks, if he lets us borrow his toy or shares his chocolate. I’m sure you all have experienced such moments with little relatives or your own little ones.

I leave no stones unturned to show my gratitude to anyone. And, it indeed makes me feel that I have ticked the box.

But, I admit that there have been times,  when I withhold my joyous gratitude, only, because I feel that the other person never appreciates me, when, I do something for them.

Partially, I feel it’s fine to pay someone in their own currency. But, deep down  I know  that I should not my behavior be clouded by some one else’s attitude.

Are you thankful enough? Share something which will make you extra thankful to God or to any human being? I’m thankful for so many things to God, that I cannot even begin to pen it down. But, yes I’m-thankful for all his blessings!



This prompt, was brain tickling for sure.

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