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Workout Wednesday #5

Today is the last post, for ‘Workout Wednesday’. I give you Michelle, who is PT and calisthenics coach.  So, enjoy and dont forget to checkout her Instagram (michp_t) page, to see how amazing she is! Thankyou Michelle, I’m truly honored that you wrote for my blog!


If you were to look through my social media accounts you would see someone who is strong, confident and hopefully very happy. Just like everyone in the world, I have developed and grown into this woman and most certainly wasn’t always the little bundle of energy that I have proudly become.

My fitness journey only really started in my late 20’s when I took up running; starting with 5kms races stretched to 10km, then shortly after I signed up to London Marathon which truly sparked my interest to switch careers from a 9-5 office job and become a personal trainer. Flash forward circa 5 years later and I compete in Strongwoman events, live for Calisthenics and challenging my body! I have a passion for all things active and fitness related and truly enjoy trying new things when ever possible!

I was very flattered to be asked to write this guest blog, writing doesn’t come naturally to me but one of my goals is to get out of my comfort zone and perhaps start a blog of my own. As I trainer I hope to inspire, motivate and educate those around me to live a happier, healthier and more confident life…and blogging is most definitely a modern way to make that happen.

Starting anything is always tough! If you are completely new to fitness and have no idea where to begin these would be my top tips, they may sound simple and perhaps that’s because really they are. We don’t need to complicate things, life is already complicated enough!

1. Move. Yes, just get moving. Walk when ever you can, it is the most underrated for of exercise. Some of my clients use a set count app, we have weekly targets to achieve and I assure you it makes a difference.

2. Baby steps. Don’t try to change everything at once. Yes you might be eating ALL the wrong things but that doesn’t mean you need to cut everything out at once. For example, start small by listing 5 things you eat that you know are bad for you…substitute one of them for something slightly healthier for 2 weeks (biscuit for fruit) then add in one of the other items (soft drinks for water) and continue to add until you have substituted all five things. Then you start a new list and the process all over again which makes changes manageable.

3. Set goals. Set goals which are achievable and give yourself a time frame. Try to have more than one goal, especially if it’s weight orientated. I encourage everyone to choose something which is skill, strength or fitness orientated so that they do not fixate on weight/fat loss. When we focus on the other goals weight/fat loss happens naturally. For example, running/walking a distance for time, completing full press ups or pull ups, learning an elbow lever or handstand, I also have clients learning the Turkish Get Up at the moment.

4. Enjoy it! By choosing an activity or training you enjoy you are far more likely to maintain your routine. Make it fun! Train as part of a group or with a friend. Training with a friend also gives you motivation and someone to be accountable to – a little support buddy.

5. Learn. We all have different bodies, what works for Jill may not work for Jane. Experiment with different training methods to see what works for you, keeping in mind that you need to allow at least six weeks for result to be seen…taking me to my final tip…

6. Patience! You’ve heard it before, Rome wasn’t built in a day and anything worth having wasn’t easy. If you put the work in, stay dedicated the rewards will surely follow. It has taken me many fails to get where I am today, I have failed many times but I try to look at the failings as lessons and learn from each.

Leaving you with one of my favourite quotes to ponder: “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” Jim Rohn

Do’s & Dont’s Of Blogging

Thankyou Romila, for sharing tips on blogging! I’m sure, everyone will find these tips, useful! I sure did!



I’ve been blogging for a decade and more years and I can say that I’ve learnt so much. I can call myself a professional blogger. In my today’s post I’m going to tell you some of the do’s and don’ts that I learned in this ever going journey of my blogging.

The DO’s

  1. Common sense: Please use this! The blogosphere isn’t a new world where the laws and rules revolutionize. Use common sense before sharing personal details.
  2. Do partnership with other bloggers. Do join a blog community, check other bloggers and join discussion threads. Do try to comment on blogs you have visited.
  3. Write original content: You need to get readers interested in your blog and in you. If you blog with originality, you attract reliability in your readers, the kind that turns visitors into readers and readers into fans, and fans into friends.
  4. Keep your blog clean and presentable. It is important to update often by writing new fresh posts. Write the posts as a conversation not like an essay until unless your method of writing is different.
  5. Networking is a great way to grow your blog. You should connect with other bloggers on social media. Share your posts everywhere. This sounds scary, especially when starting, but this is how you attract readers.

The DONT’s

  1. Please DONT chase traffic and the search engines. I think you know that friends you have are the ones who choose you, and you in turn, choose them. A natural process. A blog is no different. You will attract to you that which you deserve, so deserve the best.
  2. Don’t ignore comments visitors make on your blog posts. Don’t plagiarize other blogs’ content. Please don’t type in many URLs after your comment. Don’t steal photos without consent.
  3. Numbers are a big pointer if your posts are getting out there, but it can also be dispiriting. Just keep blogging and sharing your posts on social media. You may see others with booming stats but focus on your journey.
  4. Don’t make big changes on an impulse. Take time to research your blog name, tutorials on how to make the behind-the-scene blog changeover.
  5. Don’t let the haters get you down. The hater is someone you know or some random stranger that stumbled on your page, but all you have to remember is that it’s one person’s opinion. People get valiant behind screen but not in person. Think about your readers and not about the naysayers.


Whether you’re a newbie blogger or a pro, following some extent of blogging etiquette is a must if you want your blog to be seen in good light. It’s pretty simple though, especially if you think of your blog as a reflection of yourself, which it basically is!

What are some blogging do’s or don’ts you learned? What was your biggest step forward? Let us talk about it.

About the Guest Blogger

Romilaa Aka Novemberschild is a proud member of the Thirty’s club. She is an experienced blogger who has been around since 2004. She is a voracious reader, e-book author, devoted coffee-drinker, avid thinker and a fashion lover who has a huge collection of bags. Music is her passion and you can find her writing most of the time. She is extremely friendly, helpful and a happy person. She accepts bouquets and brickbats on her writings. She blogs at and can be connected on Twitter @romspeaks.



Workout Wednesday #4

Today’s guest post, is by Reshma, who is an amazing you tuber. She has lost 40 kilos, and shares how she did it and continues to stay fit & healthy!   You can follow heron, twitter , Instagram and I’m also linking her you tube channel. You can also add her on Snap-chat( @reshma_badi)

Thank you so much Reshma, for doing this post:)

I have grown up being overweight, tried everything possible to lose weight, nothing worked. Until I realized there are absolutely no shortcuts and eating right and working out regularly is the only way.      Me, being a biotechnologist, from science background, it became easier to educate myself everything from health to nutrition.

I was fortunate enough to find a good trainer at the beginning and he told me about weight training. Me being a bio-technologist, from science background it became easier to uneducated everything from health and nutrition.

I just started working out twice a day, i did count everything that I ate. MAINTAINING A DAIRY, that helped me a lot.

In a span of about 2 years, I ended up losing 40+ kgs. Started with 115.8kgs, now at 70kgs.

2016 was a little rough, as I  met with an injury in September-2015 and was on bed rest till Jan 2016.

Once that was done I had my Master’s in biotechnology to complete. Couldn’t progress much last year. But i’m back on track now.

There are ups and downs, and there is nothing bad to feel about it. Its part of life.

You shouldn’t be disheartened if you don’t progress. If you eat clean and workout, you are still improving in some or the other way.


I emphasize on weight training with a balance of cardio. But any physical activity is just fine to lose weight. I love lifting heavy weights.

How to start your weight-loss journey?

Few things you need to consider when you are just starting to get into this lifestyle, and that is go slow. Understanding your body will take time. Do not trust the trainers blindly. You don’t need supplements or fat burners at the beginning.

The first important step is to be consistent and then expect results. Every body is different, do not compare your results with your friend’s results. Diets available on internet shall work, but they are crash and you might end up gaining weight back. So be sensible enough to understand that nothing is going to help you lose weight or get fit apart from eating right and working out.

The last statement, JITNI MEHNAT, UTNA RESULT. 🙂



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AtoZ Challenge Theme Reveal


I started my blog, to  have some accountability on my weight-loss journey.

This is my first time & I’m very excited to do this.


My Theme is  the A to Z, of living healthy and being fit! (In a sustainable way)


As you know, I’m on a weightloss journey and hope to someday help anyone trying to lose weight or get healthy in journal!

I have learnt that there are absolutely, no quick-fixes and even though you will lose weight by crash diets it is bound to come back.

Don’t forget, the idea is to be healthy and fit and not skinny and weak!
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5 beauty products I love

  1. Lipstick+Gloss  – My absolute favorite lipstick is a blend of pink and nude with a hint of gloss. It’ by mac and unfortunately, it’s not available anymore. But who knows, it might come back.

2. Honey Mania Body Wash – Now, the size gives it away, doesn’t it? It’s super refreshing, even if it is winters!

3.PerfumeI have an absolute fetish for perfumes (excuse my use of language!) 😉 I love Cinema, Amarige and Chloe the most!

4. Clinique Chubby Stick – This lipstick is that perfect blend of pink, which  every girl SHOULD own. It’s good for a party to a normal girls out (or date night!!!)

5. Water– Well, now  you may think I’m getting a little off the topic, here  but water is essentially the best beauty product, you should try. It’s free and it not only helps make your skin glow but also is anti-aging.

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Workout Wednesday #4

Today’s guest post, is by Paris, who is an amazing you tuber. She is sharing her love for yoga and exercises that you can do at home! You cn follow Paris, on twitter, Instagram and I’m also linking her you tube channel.

Thank you so much Paris, for doing this post:)


Hi I’m Paris and I was asked to contribute to Workout Wednesdays by the wonderful Zainab!

Firstly I just want to say that “Fitness,” and “Being Fit,” is unique to each person. Growing up, I always compared myself to all the women that I was exposed to via social media – so of course I wanted that tall, slim frame and at that point all I wanted to do was be skinny. I had no concept of being fit or being healthy until I was in my twenties (And yes it took me a very long time to get there!) My advice to you before you begin any kind of fitness journey is to just take a moment to appreciate your body and your health and be grateful for where you are at this point in your life. Do not compare yourself to anyone and only strive to be the best version of yourself!

Workout Routine

So now onto my actual routine! With regards to fitness, I don’t go to a gym but instead I opt for home workouts with the majority of my time being spent on Yoga. I recently started Kayla Itsines BBG (Bikini Body Workout) program but I haven’t been as consistent as I’d hoped but I’m happy to say that I’m back on track and ready to complete her 12 week BBG program once more! (P.S. It’s okay if you fall off the wagon sometimes, don’t beat yourself up! Just reevaluate your goals, maintain a positive attitude and start again!)

The BBG program consists of 3 main high intensity workouts that only last 30 minutes and 3 low intensity workouts that last about 30-45 minutes! You can plan your schedule accordingly and there’s minimal workout equipment involved so you can do it at home!

I’m also a very active yoga girl and I like to do everything from Vinyasa to Hatha yoga. I don’t go to any specific classes but rather spend my time learning from YouTube videos like “Yoga With Adrienne,” and “Kino Yoga,” and of course my all time favorite is the LETSSTARTYOGA e-book by my role model Jessica Olie! I think that yoga is extremely good for everyone of all ages because it keeps you active, helps to tone your body and actually make you in tune with your breathing and it just feels GOOD!!


Last but not least is my diet – I don’t have a strict plan that I follow but I’m lactose and gluten intolerant (Yes I know it’s a hard life!) and I don’t eat any kind of meat except for fish and eggs. I usually just try to have a balanced diet, eating from the three main food groups (Carbs, Proteins, Fats) and I just try to avoid refined sugar and processed food so I stay away from stuff like cereals, canned items or just any kind of ready-made food! I love everything organic and incorporate a lot of smoothies and fresh fruits and vegetables in my diet!

I think its very important that you really have a balanced diet and not do anything crazy like crash diets or starving yourself in any way because those things have long term negative effects on your body and it’s just overall a harmful way of living. While its good to be balanced, you should never deny yourself that one slice of cake because you’re gonna go crazy and probably end up binging if you don’t have it.

Trust me, when I see vegan cookies I always get myself one because YOLO and if your overall diet is healthy, then one cookie is not going to hurt you! So stay true to yourself and just make sure you’re not restricting your body in any way. Oh and P.S. the only things that I drink are water, smoothies and A TON of flavored teas!

Overall I think that being healthy and fit is a lifestyle and if you really want it, then you have to set aside everything else, focus on YOU and really just go for it! Good luck on all of your journeys! If you have any other questions, just DM me and I’ll answer them right away!

Lots of love!Paris


This is the fourth post on Workout Wednesday. You can read the first here and the second one here.

(If you would like to share your workout/diet routine, weight loss story,contact me on twitter or just leave a comment below with your email and I will get back to you soon)

Thankful Thursday

The prompt this week is – 5 Womanly Quirks I’m Thankful For.

I’m pretty excited to write this post, but also scared about revealing my quirks…you know 😉

With that said, we all are unique and have different quirks to be proud of 😉

  1. Magic– No, not the abra-kadabra magic, but I do strongly believe that if we truly want something we get it. But, this ‘something’ is like magic, because we have no control on making it happen. It ‘just’ happens by fate. I have been a S.R.K fan since  (well a looong time) I always wanted to meet him. I finally met him in 2011 thanks to someone who thought of me to make this happen. Q.E.D!


2. YouTube Crazy –  I’m obcessed with YT! I have updated my cupboards, dressing table, fridge, etc. All using the help of you-tube. I get obsessed with the organizing videos and when I go on a mission, I just do not stop.  I also, love to learn as much as I can on work-out and diet etc.

3. Serial Killer –  It’s no secret that I lve TV shows. I do not watch it 24/7, but I do watch it before bed (every night!) And, when I do my longer runs the tv shows are a life saver! No shame, cos to be honest I have learned a lot from these shows, and any knowledge is knowledge!

4. Clingy– I tend to not ‘let go off things’ easily. 99 % it’s not good, but it can also be good at times. If, you keep pushing your case or keep insisting on making something happen, WHO KNOWS it just might happen!

Something else I believe in.

5. Make up? –  I think I would be the only woman in the world who ‘buys’ make-up, creams but, forgets to use it. When I go to weddings, I stick to mascara, foundation and lipstick. At times, I will skip the foundation or the eye liner.  Infact, when I want to go all the way, (real stuff!) someone even came up to me and said, “Oh, so you decided to wear more than lipstick today’

I really feel fine, with less make-up.  Having unused creams, is another story!

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