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Letter Z

Letter Z stands for Zeal

Zeal is the real deal!

Anything we do in life, will be challenging. Losing weight is also nothing less.

There will be hurdles and more hurdles. Times, will come where you lose weight fast, and there will also be a time when you will get stuck.

At times, you will be pumped up to do a 5K before a busy day starts and, there will be wasted Sundays!


We just need to have that enthusiasm, to push through the bad & the good times.  Because, that will eventually make us succeed!



Letter Y

Letter Y stand for YouTube 

YouTube is just such a blessing. Not only, can you learn how to cook, or do make up but also learn the correct ways to workout, diet etc.

Below I share with you, some of my favorite weight loss,  and workout channels!

1) AmyNicolaOx

2)  Raghav Pande (work-out)

3) Gracie’s Journey 9

4) Aaryn Williams ( not a weight loss channel, but shares how she lost weight postpartum)

5) Beer biceps

6) Lose it like Lauren

7) Whitney Simmons

8) Erica Fit Love



Letter X

Letter X stands for going the  X-tra mile

How to get in few x-tra steps a day?

If you want to sneak in some extra ways to be active, or just want to be active in general you can try the following. Personally, whenever I’m on a vacation or not working out I try to stick by them!

1) Take the stairs, skip the elevators. Yes, even if it’s one floor!

2) Park your car to the furthest point from the market or your friends place!

3) Try a short 4 min workout, any movement is better than nothing at all.

4) If you can, invest in a exercise machine. Then, you are bound to walk / cycle on it if it keeps staring at you.

5) Try to  walk to wherever you generally drive. Example- next time you have to pick up your kids from school, and if it’s few blocks away don’t drive, walk!

Letter W

Letter W stands for Water

Water is your best friend if you are looking to look lose some vanity pounds or just pounds in general! Or, just beautify yourself 😉

I have seen humongous changes in my body weight,when  I consume more water.

Water, helps to flush out the toxins and in the normal mans terms, you just pee the fat out🙂

So, try to drink about 2-3 litres of water a day.

Wake up to a bottle of water if you can, and drink water as it’s your religion!

Letter V

Letter V stands for  Variety

Variety is the spice of life !

So, it only makes sense to have new food items to your  diet, and add fresh workouts to your regimen every time you can.

Try a Zumba class instead of the regular walk once in awhile, because you need to feed your inner soul too.

And, try a new cuisine instead of the same food that you have every day.

You can find hundreds of recipes on SparkPeople!

Letter U

Letter U stands for  Ultimate Goal Weight 

After so many years in this journey I have realized that I need to have an ultimate goal weight, and that change once it has been achieved ( if needed).



current weight – 66 kilos

Mini G Wt  –  63 kilos

Ultimate G Wt – 60 kilos

If above is my plan, for say Jan- March then, my Mini GW can now become my ultimate GW and, the ultimate GW can be a new number!

Letter T 

Letter T stand  for To Keep Trying

I hate to admit it, but it’s been about three to four years since I started my weight loss journey!

For some reason, it just doesn’t seem to end!

The million dollar question : why?

For beginners, I have this bad habit of losing 5-7 pounds and instead of moving on I celebrate – end up gaining those same pounds again… it’s like a vicious circle!

When this happened in 2014 I pushed pretty hard and  then I thought this is it!

But, then it never was!

The only good part in this rigmarole is, that I kept trying. Still am trying.

Maybe I would have been a smart, sexy 55 kilos if I had been able to push myself when it was necessary.

But, if I had stopped trying maybe I would have weighed twice as I weigh now!

Now, I’m not saying that it’s a good thing that I have not been able to reach my goals yet, but I think that despite of failures and hiccups we should keep pushing!