Daily Archives: April 6, 2017

Letter F

Letter F is for Finish Line!

If you are on a fitness journey or (starting one) I have news for you.

There is no finish line. And, I say that in a good way.

When you do your first plank in 20 seconds, you aim do hold it for 30 seconds for next time. Or, when you ace the beginner level, you cannot wait to better the advanced one.

Your goals will change in both, eating and exercise.

I think that is the best part of this journey.

When you cook your first wholewheat pasta, you may want to notch it up a little next time with homemade pasta sauce instead of store bought. Or you may swap our granola bar for a piece of fruit.

Let’s get back to our notebook and start noting down, what we are eating or how many burpees  can we do in 20 seconds?



Letter E

E is for…you guessed it Exercise!

I think what they say IS true, that abs are made in the kitchen, i.e, whether you workout or not,  better watch what you eat!

BUT, remember it’s not about getting skinny or just thin…it’s more about getting fit.

Exercise will not only improve your fitness levels, it will also make you a happy person.

Exercise takes a lot of commitment. For me, even today the hardest part is to get started.

I love the endorphin rush I experience, once my exercise is over and I literally feel that I can conquer the world 😉

My typical workout varies from either a 5 K run/walk to HIIT session on the treadmill for 45 minutes.

I also incorporate some basic strength training, daily.

My biggest advise would be to explore what you like, and then stick to it. Experiment with different workouts and settle down what works for you.

I loved zumba, but I could never be with the class, and that was the end of it for me.

But, if you love to dance, then Zumba is a fun workout to lose the pounds!

If you are an absolute beginner I STRONGLY recommend Leslie Sansone’s

“Walk Away The Pounds”,  just YouTube her workouts and you will be surprised how easy and effective they are.

That’s how I started back in 2012!

I recently started doing 4 minute HIIT workouts by  Lucy Wyndhamread, for the month of March. You should totally checkout her YouTube Channel.

Because, her workouts are short, I have been able to stay committed for the entire month.

If you are looking for some intermediate/advanced  workouts Hasfit is your best bet. From kettlebells, to no weights to ten minutes HIIT they have it all!

And, the million dollar question of how to stay committed? To be honest, the only answer to this is that if we want it bad enough we will stick to it.  So, we need to remind ourselves why is it important to us and that’s pretty much it.

It’s a daily thing for me still, as I said in the beginning. But, I promise it gets better with time.