Daily Archives: April 14, 2017

Letter L


Letter L is for Lifestyle Change

The moment we decide to start a diet, it takes a negative toll on us.

I could not have lost 8 kilos (15 pounds) if I would have to just eat chicken breast and raw veggies. I  just like to add a little, dessert and have fun foods while losing weight.

Because, if we DO NOT enjoy the journey the final destination will become so hard to reach.

I  started a diet with Khushboo (her blog) after a year into my journey. Even before, I got my meal plans from her I never deprived myself!

I will share more about how I get started in the following posts, But to me it matters, to not to feel deprive.

Hence, if you make this a lifestyle change and not about just a one month detox plan you will not be cranky (like me!) but be happy with all the food you can eat!i