Daily Archives: April 19, 2017

Letter P

P stands for Practical 

We need to follow a practical approach when it comes to losing weight!

I think, in the past I have done Atkins and fad diets more than anyone. I lost and gained but never did I stick to a healthy weight!

It was not until I met Khushboo, that I started eating everything in moderation and still losing weight!

( Khushboo is a nutritionist and you can contact  her, here)

I would hate to eat just protein with not fats or just veggies!

But, I got to eat tortillas and crackers and nuts! Even cashews! Yum!

So, to lose weight in the longer run you should be practical!

You cannot lose ten kilos in a month. But, even if you do- chances are you will be angry and miserable.

Lack of food, lack of soul feeding foods ( nuts, biscuits, chocolates) just made me BLAH!

I would love to know your thoughts on this!