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Live Sudoku-online game that is beneficial for your child.

Live Sudoku-online game that is beneficial for your child.

I was never a very good student of mathematics, but thankfully my  boys are good in the subject. As a mother, I want them to better their skills, and get better everyday. I was planning to enroll them in an extra math or abacus class, […]

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Project – Maintenance & A Giveaway 

So,  it’s that time of the year again…when we fast from dawn to dusk for thirty days- Ramadan I have till date just once managed to maintain my weight during the holy month, but in the last  2-3 years I have mostly “gained” weight. I […]

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Diet Coke 

So, it’s been hard. I don’t think I can just quit it like that. I thought I was strong enough, cos I did it once for straight 6 months. But, as I can feel that I’m about to succumb I’m going to try to switch […]

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February (Goals)

I feel so good, that this new month is here.  Now, I can start over afresh. So, my goals of the month are :   Cleaning  and organizing my home and life Exercising four time a week. And, wait for it…ditching the diet coke. Yes, […]

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January – Blah 

January – Blah 

A true confession  The month of January has been so stressful for me.  I think I haven’t been this lazy, useless in many years. Health I fell sick twice. Then, I have had this recurring,chronic pain in my left arm. I got my blood test […]

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And, the winner is (Snackible GiveAway)

I’m using for selecting the winner. I entered all the names, and the person on the number one – is the winner! Novemberschild is the winner! ( I’m emailing you the contact info of Snackible) 26 total views, 2 views today Please follow and like us:

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The Ugly Truth (Jan Goals Revisited)

Hey guys, how are you doing? I recently posted my January goals, but to be honest I have been far from even trying to work towards them. After, the fever I just kept looking for an excuse to stay in bed more, to eat more junk, […]

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January Goals

Happy new year guys! This post was supposed to be live two day back, but I have been down with viral fever.  Already six days into January, and I have not done a singe workout. I guess, now this quote seems apt;) So here are […]

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The Move

Sameer Sameer was the love of my life. I had loved him from the first time he had walked in the door of the fashion designing institute. But, I never had the courage to tell him how I felt. He, never knew me as I […]

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Social Network – Thank You Twitter

I met Shah Rukh Khan, in 2011 and, wanted to badly be a part of his team. Thats when & how  I decided to join TWITTER! I hurriedly made my account as –> @z_jabberwocky (Yes, thats what I started as!) and started to tweet endlessly, to […]

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