September Goals

September Goals
Dear Friends,
How was your weekend? Mine was mostly good. Just that, I slipped down the stairs (about 4-6) and hurt my back and arm.
Fortunately, I managed to do cardio today and yesterday, but might take a day off before I do circuit training.

Before, I jump to September goals, tell me one thing, are you able to let go of things easily? I’m a Cancerian (crab) & it’s so hard for me to let go. I read it somewhere, that they would rather lose a claw.

But, then I came across this, as a text message.(below) and, it sort of made sense. 

Well, I like to believe it.

What about you? Can you let go easily? 
September Goals

  1. Lose 2 to 3 kilos ( 4 to 6 pounds)
  2. Work out 5 days a week, unless injured
  3. Eat Wisely
  4. No diet/ or any soft drinks
Lets, see how I get about it. Ending with one of my favorite’ll know why when you watch ðŸ™‚

EDIT- Sorry, will be more to point next blog on wards!

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9 thoughts on “September Goals”

  • that slipping part sounds horrible. I slipped on the top of the stairs last winter because they were frozen from ice rain and went all to the bottom on my bum… had bruises on my arms, bum and back for months…

  • Ouch! I hope you're okay. I used to have a lot of trouble letting things go, but it's something I've been working on and has become much easier. I learned a meditation to help with the process–I posted it on my blog not too long ago in this post: . There's also a conveyor belt method, where you imagine putting what ever you're trying to let go of on a conveyer belt, and watch the conveyor belt take it away. I prefer the sailboat method from my blog though, much more relaxing for me.

  • All the best for your september goals. Take care of basic health and weight is the second thing. I can let off easily sometimes but i come back later. sometimes its better to let go off things. i read somewhere that we should do the weight loss things on alternate days for more effect, like dont do same thing daily make it alternate..hope to hear some positive news from you by end of this month…lastly do what makes u happy..

  • Hey! Thanks for reading my Mommy Blog 🙂

    I can let go of things very easily (but I'm a Capricorn so it's in my nature hehe). I love the quote you posted. Made looking back at my past much easier. Thanks for shining some light into my day.

  • I let go of things a little too easily. However, when I hold a grudge, it's damn near forever. I seriously haven't talked to my sister in 4 years, and I don't see that changing any time soon.
    Sorry you fell and got hurt! But glad it wasn't too serious!

  • Hello Z – I'm so sorry that you felt and hurt yourself. Hopefully you are doing better now. Thanks for reading my blog. You asked a question about how to make homemade granola: mix (in whatever proportion you want) – rolled oats (not quick oats), chopped nuts such as cashews, pecans, walnuts, etc. (don't use peanuts/groundnuts), dried fruit – raisins, cranberries, dried cherries etc., you can also add dried coconut flakes or copra. Then add enough brown sugar to make it sweet according to your liking, add some high-heat oil enough to make the sugar stick to the rest of the ingredients, and then spread the mixture on a flat oven-proof sheet and bake it at low heat until the nuts are crispy but not burnt – stir the mixture every 15min or so to ensure even baking. I usually bake it for around 50 min-ish, but this will depend on how much you are making.

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