This week has been a little s.l.o.w, work-out wise! I did some floor on Monday, then Tuesday I was all ready and started teaching my kids for their exam–before I knew it –it was super late. 
I did not feel like planks or push-ups! 
And, now I’m just being lazy!
Creature of habit?  Well, if that’s the case, then I need to get out of this rut and get the arms curling ASAP!
Well, on the brighter side, I have joined a challenge on Spark People and looking forward to give my 100% to it.

And, on the funnier note, if you have enjoyed Friends, you are so going to love this video. 

Who are your favorite characters from Friends? Any particular episodes you laughed more than usual? I
have loved all the episodes, and all characters are great, but I do have a girl crush on Rachel (Jeniffer Aniston)
I just had to end the blog with Rachel 😉

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