Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m linking up with Amrita for the ‘ Thankful Thursday’ post!


Still fresh in my mind– it was a Friday & I  had just got my blood drawn, for the ‘scary’ beta hcg test. ( blood test used for pregnancy detection)  My mind was filled with lots of questions -What if it’s a negative? What if something bad happens? We would find out in some time!

Well, that evening, as my reports were brought to me, I trembled as I unsealed the envelope. I was staying with my parents & my husband was not with me. That second, was perhaps the most exciting and tensing moment of my life.

My Babies!
My Babies!
Luckily, it was a double positive & the doctors confirmed ‘two heartbeats’ few days later!

I’m so thankful for that moment, that day. As, I write I realize how memorable that day was for me. My  husband .My parents. Everyone else!

I had, a miscarriage before this so I was very scared, but thankfully, it all went well and I’m so grateful to God for this blessing!

Of course, I need to be thankful even when my my twins, wh are now  pre-teens drive me crazy 😉



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