I’m writing this post as I fly from Vienna to one of my favourite places in the world London? I thought, this would be a good time to recap my visit to Vienna or Wien as thy call it here.

The palace & the Christmas market

We arrived  here, on Tuesday (22.11.16) but, we didn’t really do much the day we arrived!
We, visited the St. Peter’s church and enjoyed a nice stroll in the Christmas market!

We went to the Schonnbrunn palace, the next day and did a imperial tour. (we learnt about 22 rooms of the palace. Use of camera was strictly prohibited so no clicks)

Statutes in the park of the palace! Seems, a legit selfie pose;)

Then we went to explore the Christmas market, this one situated right in front of the palace.

Some of the food that I enjoyed at the lounge!

The next day we decided to take a short trip to Bratislava, Slovakia. It’s a small town & we spent total of two hours there minus the one hour of commute each way. We took a train, and to be honest it’s a small cute town, but really not much to do 😉

Wien railway station & Bratislava railway station

My husband had a business meeting in Vienna, that’s why we chose to stick around for two days more in the place. 
Vienna is nice & the locals are very friendly.

But, to be honest there’s not much to do here per say. We did not do Innsbruck or Salzburg, as the distance was more than two hours. So, I can’t comment on these cities! If you are planning a trip to Europe, solely for leisure, I think you should opt for Italy, Switzerland before you go to Austria!

I really wanted to do the Swaroski museum, but that’s not in Vienna!

With that said, thanks to the yummy food, offered at the club lounge of our hotel that kept my hunger at bay  ? 

I did enjoy the place , was pretty relaxing and every was so well maintained. Heck, the taxi ride back to the airport was in a Texla!

But, to me places like London, Dubai  or San Francisco are more for me then quieter ones!


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24 thoughts on “Vienna ”

  • That was a short sweet trip. I did tour Austria except for Vienna as I was told and read it has nothing but a normal any other city. I visited Salzburg and Innsbruck which were amazing including some wonderful rides as we went on bus tour and it was month of may last year. Loved it. Did Italy in April and Switzerland in June last year . Each has its own charm. It’s good u had nuce food and stay . I didn’t encounter a place yet which was boring. Happy trip to London. Will wait for blog from there.

    • I really wish we went to other cities, but then I was not in favour of making days in London less!!! Wow, have you been to Munich ? We are going to Germany next!

  • I have been to Vienna once and we didn’t even manage to see everything we wanted to! I can’t believe you were bored there as there is so much history and museums to discover! Haha, so funny how different perceptions of places are! 🙂


    • I loved Vienna but I’m sure had my trip included Salzburg and other touristy spots I wouldn’t have got bored 😉

    • It’s pretty for sure, minus that I was bored, you know? I just feel that I have started to like places that are busier ?

  • Gah~ I’m SO Jealous. First Dubai and now Vienna? Personally, I want to hit England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, Greece, Japan, Dubai…I could go on but I realized as I was typing that it might take a while. haha

    • You will love England! My husband travels a lot, for his work and I get lucky;)
      You write so well & I wish to own down a novel like you some time??

  • oh.
    austria is my favorite place on earth!
    after traveling europe this past summer, i absolutely FELL IN LOVE with the beauty of austria (especially the town of aspang <3)
    i so deeply hope i'll be able to fly back one day and breathe in a little more of that piece of heaven. 🙂

    thank you for sharing your trip with us!
    it was so sweet to see pictures of your journeys!

  • Oh my goodness – I was in Vienna back in September for three days, and didn’t even come close to scratching the surface on everything I wanted to see and do. I am shocked that you were bored there! But obviously everyone looks for different things in travel destinations. I have also heard mixed reviews on Bratislava – some folks loved it and called it a great off-the-beaten-path stop, others said there wasn’t much there. But at least you got to experience it so you know for yourself!

    • well, to be honest I think we missed the fun places – like the zoo and the place which is like a theme park. I feel, as I stay in a small town I automatically look for NOISY places for vacations 😉

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