Choosing the right daycare for your child

Choosing the right daycare for your child



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This incident certainly is very disturbing & upsetting, every parents nightmare I suppose!  To be honest, I was not even able to watch the entire video. Trust me, horrible is a very small word for the nanny who did this. I hope she is punished, and in a way that no one dares to abuse a child.

Some points to remember while choosing a day care for your child

1.Observe– When you pay a visit to the day care you are maybe going to chose for your child, observe the environment. Pay close attention, on how the caretaker interacts with the child. This might give you, a good idea on what you are walking into.

2. Child-Staff Ratio– While you observe, take an additional note on what is the ratio of the caretaker vs the child. Ideally, there should be three staff members for ten babies (below eighteen months) and this changes with the age of your child.

3.Reputation – A good childcare, will have a good name. Make sure you do your homework on this, call a few parents and take as much feedback as possible.

4.Spy– Do surprise visits, drop by unexpectedly to check on your child. The daycare should know, that you are a careful parent & you can visit anytime, literally!

5.Trust your gut– I think our gut feeling is very important. If you feel something is off, about the best daycare or the best nanny-go with your gut. If  something seems wrong, investigate and do the changes if needed!



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