Beginning Today

Beginning Today

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The prompt is : Beginning Today

I started this blog, to document my weight-loss journey. As, this prompt, somehow fits in the weight loss aspect of my life, I thought I would elaborate on that!

My weight-loss journey started couple of years back. But, I only tasted success, when I changed my mind-set.

I have come across many obstacles, one of them was waiting for a new day, week, or a new month, or even a new year!!!

Let me explain with an example: We generally, wait for the right time to start something. It can be anything, I’m just taking an example of weight-loss.

Supposing,  you return mid-week from a vacation, ideally most of us, would wait for a Monday to resume gymming, or to make the necessary changes to our diet. That’s where we go wrong!

I strongly propagate, that do not wait for tomorrow,  just begin already, begin today.


Tomorrow, often comes much later than it is supposed to come.  In my case, the tomorrow came after I was five kilos more, than my ideal weight at that time. We tend to cause more damage to ourselves, by postponing the things that need to be done. So, Begin Today!



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8 thoughts on “Beginning Today”

  • If you set your mind to something, you should start immediately. When I told my husband that if I could make it out of the doctor without having to have surgery, I was becoming a vegetarian. That day, I became a vegetarian. No procrastinating. Just did it. Getting past the first few days or weeks is hell, but after that, you’ll be glad you didn’t wait to start reaching for your goals.

      • Jason has the same coke issue, but he’s *trying* to lessen his consumption of it. Some days he’s good, other days I am putting like 8 cans in the recycle. I used to drink it a lot too, but then I got sick and it started tasting horrible to me, otherwise I’d probably still be struggling to kick the addiction. It’s a hard one to give up on!

        • I think like I said before, Jason & I maybe long lost brother & sis!
          PS- I really wanna do this in 2017 but- I keep coming back.

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