Being Impeccable #FlashbackRefreshed 

Being Impeccable #FlashbackRefreshed 

The theme given by Ruchie & Sandy’s Bake Studio:  Which Resolution you take every year and never complete, What and who are the reason behind.

I’m a S.A.H.M, and far from perfect. I think I’m doing an okay job. But, each year I plan to better it.  But, does that really happen?

One of my resolution, since many years had been to become that impeccable home maker, mother, cook and  wife who knows it all.

To give you a better picture of what I mean, let me introduce you to, two ladies 

Do you remember Bree Van De Kam  from The Desperate Housewives? 

Or Monica from Friends?

Both of them are a whizz, at cleaning, cooking, in short impeccable homemakers!

The way Bree, serves  freshly baked croissants for breakfast in bed & still looks like a million bucks?  Yes that’s what I want!

Monica…well, if I could  become just 10%,  like her, my house would be spotless! Too bad, I don’t sleep-clean.

Ofcourse I  can clean, cook, & organise. I’m not living in a mess. I just  want to make my home more organised, you know, like Bree & Monica!

So my resolutions, which have been failing are to be like Bree or Monica. 

Why I Think They Fail ? 

Easy, I try to cook a fancy diner every other day, & when I’m not cooking I’m organising or cleaning.

It does get a little overwhelming, & I take a days break. 

With me, the break, breaks the resolution. It’s not anyone’s fault. It’s all me.
It’s the break. I flee and never come back.

So 2015 & 2016 didn’t really wholly organise my stuff, but I will admit that lots of the kids stuff toys are in one big place. And, not on the couch, bed, drawer. 

 Maybe, this year I should decide to emulate,  just one of them, & who knows, I might pull it off till March or even April if  I don’t take a break?
But, at the moment I’m almost convinced that  I’m more like Rachel, you know, Monica’s friend?

“I am writing for #FlashbackRefreshed activity at forfoodiefamily in association with Sandy’s Bake Studio.”

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13 thoughts on “Being Impeccable #FlashbackRefreshed ”

  • I like Monica but not Bree.I feel I would like to have a loving happy home .Impeccable home sounds like a very difficult resolution. That you even try makes you a great mom and wife.
    Don’t be too hard on yourself ?

    • I know what you mean, about Bree! I like her perfect ways. I doubt she was the best mom.
      And Monica I ❤️!
      Thank you ?

  • I am sorry but I think you set yourself up every year for a resolution that is doomed to fail! No one can be perfect! And no house can function if the SAHM -as you call yourself – did an okay job! Keeping a household going is more challenging that an office job. Even a CEO has a team – a home maker doesn’t. So, the fact that everything is in working condition in your house – not perfect- you are doing a great job! Onscreen actors are actors! They will look like a million bucks! But that’s not realistic!

    Instead of making an all sweeping goal, maybe breaking it down might help. Instead of wanting to clean up all the mess, how about getting your kids to learn to put their toys back on their own. Instead of trying to be impeccable, why not accept that you are awesome as you are! Why not build your breaks into your resolutions. Cook fancy meals only twice a week, workout goal thrice a week and tidying up once a week! These are just examples. But making goals more specific always helps achieve them better. If I haven’t put you to sleep with this, try it! 🙂

    • That’s really a nice thought Suman!
      I appreciate that, although you are a working woman you realise that a SAHM works hard as well!
      I’m certainly going to bifurcate my goals & hopefully things will settle better ?

  • You are one tough person. 🙂 You aim for the sky every single year. If I do even half of what you aspire to, I will consider myself a super man. 🙂 I agree with Suman. You should break it down into goals that are specific. You should also keep them simple and small. Good luck with your resolutions for 2017. 🙂

  • Those are fictional characters that I don’t think any real woman could live up to. I say do the best with what you can each day. Don’t try to aspire to be like fake women from television who have teams of writers, makeup artists, hair dressers, nannies… It’s just not realistic. Focus on being the best YOU for the new year ♥

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