Double Scoop Delight 

Double Scoop Delight 


I have some very fond memories of the time when I got my kids home, from the hospital

1) My husband & in laws made sure, that the house was decorated and every corner of the home looked festive!



2) There was lot of yummy food cooked, by mother in law, and also a cake that was waiting to be cut from us.

Z-A-R-A covers the initials of the four of us (the twins, hubby and I)

3) I got lots of gifts from my parents, in laws and my husband. Now, that’s a fond memory too?
4) I remember the first night at home, was not easy. It was starting to get cold & when one would sleep the other would wake up & vice versa! That night, is sort of hard to forget?

5) I had invested in a baby monitor, and it was a life saver. My family was there, for all the help I needed too!

It was a little overwhelming, the first few days and nights, but once I got the knack of it, it wasn’t as hard! 

And, if you are wondering, the title of my post comes from, my twins-double scoop delight!!!

This post is a part of a link up with Deepa & Maneka.

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