Favourite Baby Products 

Favourite Baby Products 

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It’s been awhile since, I used some baby products, but I absolutely can recall my fav ones!

1)  Baby Monitor – I  couldn’t even go to the washroom without the monitor, this was perhaps one of the most important tools for  me. It’s a life saver, and I totally recommend it.

I used the brand Tomy, but now baby monitors are available with cameras. You should go for the Philips Avent 

2) Maclarens Twin-Pram – I knew I needed a good stroller, and a this particular pram was the answer to my questions. It could recline and had a cup holder, with storage area at the back. I liked the side by side one, cos they both had a view and one was not behind the other! 

I have heard good things, about the single prams of this brand as well. 

Go here, to order one!

3) Feeding Pillow– A friend of mine, suggested me to try out a “feeding” or “nursing pillow”. I didn’t find it very interesting, but after using it, nursing became a breeze. You strap the pillow, to your back and put the baby on it. It gets much easier to feed them. It provides the elevation.

I don’t remember the brand, but this one on amazon looks nice!

4) Breast Pump –  I used to express a lot. It used, to get tiresome to feed both the kids back to back. So, the battery operated pump, was certainly a favourite of mine.

I used something similar to Mee Mee’s pump.

5) Bathing Bed – Like any new mother, it was really scary for me to bathe my babies in the beginning. This bathing bed, was a good investment. After, my babies were two months old, I would just buckle them up & bathe them respectively &  When they were smaller, my mother or mother in law did the job ?

6) Baby Gym – Both my twins, were fond of their baby gyms. Once they had taken their baths, I would make them lie down under the baby gym. Kids would sleep, while playing in it:)

7)  Steriliser – Bottle steriliser is mandatory. I could keep this in my bedroom, or kitchen. The bottles were always at my disposal & I didn’t have to worry about boiling them and waiting them to cool down etc.

I used  the steriliser, by Avent. I also used the same brand for the bottles.

I’m sure I have taken quite a few of you, down the memory lane. What were / are your favourite baby products? 

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