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I have been an android person since forever. But, I needed a new phone with new features, as I was kind of getting tired by the monotony of my phone.

I had been very vocal to my husband about my desire for the Pink iPhone, more commonly known as the Rose Gold Edition. It had just hit the markets, and I was hinting him to gift it to me for our anniversary.

Well, our anniversary finally came & we exchanged our wishes and then, cut the cake. We finally settled down, and my husband asked me to fetch him the nail cutter from the drawer.

So, I go open the drawer and what do I see?

Yes!!!! You guessed it, there it was, my pink iPhone. I was so happy that I started crying.

It was not only the fact that, he actually bought such an expensive phone for me but the way he gifted it to me, was awesome.


In the past, he has given me some incredible gifts. The other one which was equally goo, or maybe a little better  a trip to Las Vegas before I turned the big thirty 😉

That too, came wrapped as a surprise. I was at my parents home  & he wanted to send me some email. In 2001, what’s app was not very common, heck I didn’t even have a smartphone.

So when I open the email, there is the itinerary of some USA trip. It took me moment, to realise what he had just done. And, it was a great trip!

God knows, I love good surprises and romantic ones are my favourite. I found both these gifts amazing and given in a romantic way.
I want to thank you my dear husband, for being so amazing and giving me gifts which mean something more to me.

I still look back at how I found out about that trip and relive the moment, by playing it in my head. And, yes the iPhone is still with me. And, I wrote this entire post on the same gift that I shared with you all about!

 ‘I am writing this post towards #Blog&Celebrate contest by Novemberschild

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8 thoughts on “Gifts #BlogAndCelebrate”

  • Your hubby is full of surprises!!! Vegas is always fun! We have family that lives there, so we’ve visited quite frequently. Don’t die, but I still don’t have a smartphone!!! LOL!

  • One of life’s greatest pleasures is exchanging gifts. Almost every culture has traditions and etiquette related to receiving and giving gifts. Giving a gift is one way of expressing love, gratitude, appreciation and recognizing special occasions and achievements. You are so lucky to get an iphone and trip to LV as gift!! Enjoy your life Zainab.

    Your post was so apt for my prompt/topic. Thank you for writing for the contest. Top 4 to be announced soon. Keep a watch on my tweets.

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