Post-Holiday Weight Update

Post-Holiday Weight Update

I have been so busy participating in prompts, link-ups that I have not updated anything about my weight in awhile.

I have really enjoyed doing the prompts & even won in few of them:)

My weight post vacation has been fluctuating at 64.9-65.5 kilos. I did stay as active as I could. But, also indulged in scones and what not!!!

Yes! I did climb up those flight of stairs!

To be honest, it’s not too bad. I was expecting it to be a lot worse. 

But, am counting my weight as 65.5 kilos for this week. Next week, will weigh in again.

It’s going to be fifteen days tomorrow, and I’m not happy, to admit that my fitness has totally taken a back seat.

I did have a good share of this 😉

I’m still indulging in one meal every other day, due to weddings and self- loathing moments (for not working out)

So, let me share my goals for the remaining 15 days of the year 

  • Try to get in as much as I can in walking / running department 
  • No excuses for the unholy food
  • Next Saturday I’m allowed cheat day

I don’t want to feel bad in January… so I need to take action now.

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7 thoughts on “Post-Holiday Weight Update”

  • How I wish I could follow a strict diet and exercise regime! I really dont know what’s stopping me. Oh yeah, for now it is the cold! My first winter in North India and I’m down with cold already. I’ve gone obese the last year and I have no idea how to be back in shape 🙁
    Hope you achieve your goal,Z!

  • I always take the stairs instead of the escalators. I get annoyed when there’s no stairs. Actually, escalators kind of scare me, I always think I’ll get my foot/clothes/etc caught in them.

    • I know what you mean, it does give me the chills sometimes but I’m not into stairs. I’m sure you know that, tube stations in London have the deepest escalators & at times no stairs. Well, had to keep moving.
      But now I’m like let’s just sit at home 😉

  • Nutella!!!!! Now I want Nutella!!! Hahaha

    You’ve got this….15 (well slightly less now) to turn the ship around and roll into jansuary ahead of the eight ball! You’ve got this!!!

  • My mom bought me like 6 bags of Lindor Truffles and Jason bought me 2, plus more candies. Then all of the cookies and brownies and pies everyone gifted us. I am not doing good 🙁 I did get back to working out today, so I am hopeful that I can start kicking the sugar streak I’ve been on these past few weeks.

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