Thankful Thursday 

Thankful Thursday 

Today I’m linking up with Amrita and Tina for another ‘Thankful Thursday’ post!


It’s really hard to narrow down and select  a single home appliance for gratitude, as each has its own identity and importance! While, thankful for each and every one of them, let’s  talk about three home appliances which make me extra thankful ?

1. Coffe machine – I wouldn’t know what to do without my coffee machine, as it helps me start my day on the right note. It’s  super quick & easy, by the time the eggs/oatmeal gets cooked, my coffe is ready to be sipped! And, let’s not forget about the extra bonus of sanity which comes with it 😉

2. Fridge – Be honest, can you possibly imagine your life without a fridge ?  I certainly can’t!  This appliance not only stores & cools our food, keeps it fresh but  its also is like a personal decorating board to me! Be it magnets, menus, drawings(made by my kids) or sometimes bills that have been forgotten about 🙂

3.  Garment Steamer –  I think garment steamer  is not very popular in our households, but to be honest it’s a steal! From school uniforms to expensive party wear-there’s no fear of the clothes getting burnt!  User friendly and not too pricey! If you, own one of these, you know what I’m talking about!

So, guys this is it from me. Do share  about your favourite home appliances  as well!
{all pictures are from the net, as currently out of  home}

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