Thankful Thursday 

Thankful Thursday 

Five wishes that came true that I’m thankful for 

1) My blog is doing better and although I have a long way to go, I’m at a good place?

2) I finally started writing again & got accepted to write for women’s web. My article is still pending and will share once it’s published.

3) I wanted to throw a surprise birthday party for my husband, & it turned out to be very good. I’m glad about that

4) I wanted to not gain more than two kilos on my vacation, this year and I managed to do that. That’s made me more confident in terms of my eating habits.

5) I wanted to bake a professional cake for my husbands birthday. I can do a lot better, but pretty happy with what I did:-)

Secret Wish –  There are so many wishes, but world peace is so much more than any of them. Let’s all pray for this world.

Wishing you all happy holidays and fantastic new year ahead.

What are your secret wishes?

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