Tuesday Tadka 

Tuesday Tadka 

I have a soft corner for the movie The Devil Wears Prada. It could be because the main lead is by the cute, girly Anne Hathaway, who I have a massive girl crush on. Or, maybe because it’s got Meryl Streep in a very powerful role who happens to be my favourite actor! I think it’s both the reasons ?

The movie revolves around, Andrea or Andy  who ends up being an assistant to THE Miranda Priestly-editor in chief of  the Runway magazine. Oh, and she is pretty new to the fashion industry.

Miranda has no wit or humour and is amazed at how clueless Andy is about the Jimmy Choo’s & the Manolo Blahniks! Also, her dressing sense doesn’t really sync with her job.

As the movie progresses, Andy gets more acquainted with the fashion glitz and leaves the older secretary Emily behind. Infact,the pompous Miranda gets a little fond of Andy too! Maybe!

The more busy Andy gets, the less time she has for her friends. Her friends stick by her, but we do see her breakup with her boyfriend, Nate.

Andy is a good hearted girl & tried her best to turn down the trip to Paris, which Emily had been waiting for. After, going to Paris she realises that this job is not worth losing Nate or her friends.

Why watch this movie ?
1 – Amazing performances given by both the actors, Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep. Did you know, that Meryl Streep has won three oscars.

2-  For some real tips on how to be confident & not give a hoot about haters!

3- To enjoy some of the most fashionable clothes which are a total treat to the eyes!

4- I really enjoyed how Andy transformed herself, the makeover is pretty enjoyable.

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