My fav apps #ThankfulThursday 

My fav apps #ThankfulThursday 

My top five apps are listed below. I do use some more than the other, but all of them are my fav 🙂

1  Twitter – twitter has been a fav app since last few months. It inculcated the much needed push I needed for blogging. Connecting with some great bloggers was amazing and lot the fire in me.

2 YouTube-I love to watch YT videos and, this app speaks for itself 🙂 

3 WordPress App– Nothing like blogging on the go. Or adding pictures from the mobile direct to the post. The edit part is not as smooth, but I have all the blogging tools with this lovely app.

4 My fitness pal- I like to log in all my daily intake and this app helps me do just that. I recently made a rule that I HAVE to log in my bad days too. So, it helps me stay more vigilant. 

5 Nike running app and interval timer – I love these apps. The running app will show me the kilometres based on how hard I push myself. 

The timer comes in handy when I do the floor workouts:)

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