Thankful Thursday 

Thankful Thursday 

1.  Love – I’m thankful for being able to love. Loving family, loving myself, loving things around me. 

2. Five senses- I can’t imagine not being able to smell, eat, feel, see or hear. A rose is so much than just its smell. Or, eating pizza is just not only about the taste. The way it smells, looks and feels:)

3. Relationships- it’s a gift to humans, right? We all can’t just exist alone. It’s about the relationship- husband, wife, mother child.

4. Writing- I have recently discovered my love for writing. And, I’m so thankful that I’m able to write. It actually makes me happy:)

5. Exercise- although January has been not that good due to fever and being lazy, I love to exercise and can’t wait  to get back to my normal routine and get active!

6. TV- I love to watch tv soaps and it’s so much more than just entertainment. And, that’s another reason I’m thankful for being human. Enjoying about different cultures, or watching a crime show all can be enriching.

7.  Learn – we learn everyday from everything. From a YouTube video on exercise to a small chit chat with your parents. We learn till the day we die.

8. Pray – I believe in God. And, praying makes me feel satisfied and happy.

9. Cooking- the simple act of cooking is gratifying enough. It’s fun to cook for the ones you love and even for yourself.

10. Laughter – laughing is not similar to happiness. Well, I can be happy  but not necessarily laughing. But laughing out loud, commonly  used LOL these days is something I’m so thankful to experience. It’s a funny feeling when you can’t stop laughing:)

What are the things that make you thankful for being human?

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