5 Vices I’m Happy About! #ThankfulThursday

5 Vices I’m Happy About! #ThankfulThursday

What fun would it be to all good and no bad? An old man once said, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

So who wants to be dull? Not this girl;)

1) I watch a lot of tv shows – and it’s good why? Because, I have learnt so much in the past couple of years via tv. New words, about new actors, new trends. etc

2) I get fixated – to things and unless and until I have reached a perfect solution for an issue I don’t give up. Some event could be months away, but I’m a little too ready with everything way before the day!

3)Being impatient–  is not something I would blow my trumpet on, but it does have its adavantages. People know, that you will not be expecting delays and then they go the little mile to finish up your tailored suit or cake or anything at all.

4) Drifting away – when I feel the other person is not showing any sign of respect or love, I tend to give them space. It’s hard for me, because I kind of get emotionally invested. But, once it’s clear that the other person is only there when I’m needed or when they are free, I like to gracefully exit.

5) Wifi addict– well that’s something I think most of us are guilty about. But, really I wouldn’t know how to be, if I couldn’t have net and activities online? I’m hoping to invest more time on my blog & that’s only possible if I’m online, right 😉

This blog is a link up with Mayuri, Amrita, Tina  & Deepa for Thankful Thursday.

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