Womanhood #ClickAndBlogAStory 

Being a woman is so many things.

You are a daughter- sister- wife-mother.

In this entire cycle, you keep growing as a woman.

From being the one who is given love, she continues to grow and give more love.

Every woman is an example of strength.

It’s not easy to leave your old family for the new one.

But, had women not been strong how could this be?

It’s only an art that woman knows.

She knows how to juggle between one family to the other. One meal to the other.

Teaching kids to also giving some time to herself.

Well, that’s the superpower  that all the women are born with!

So, let’s increase the love for each other and forget about the hate women unfortunately end up giving other women.

I would like to end my post, with this funny meme circulating on the web.

Rests my case 😉

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Author’s Bio – SHALINI- She Blogs at Shalzmojo. She’s a Passionate blogger. An avid admirer of photography, travel, and baking. Her writing journey was initiated with my letter writing hobby as a child and has metamorphosised into serious blogging. Read her winning Entry Envy: Not being in competition, makes you the competition!!

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