Down The Memory Lane

Feels it was, yesterday, when  I was growing up. I had the most wonder fullest of childhood ever.

Every time, my mother would be annoyed with me, I would run to my father to escape the scolding. And, how can I forget how much my father used to spoil me.

I was born after, eight years of their marriage and never did I feel that they are unhappy because I was a girl.

Thankfully, my parents ‘let me be‘ the girly girl I still am, actually. Pink still trumps every other color in my closet.

I miss the times, when I would be the one making the demands and  the demands were fulfilled.

Meeting Salmaan Khan

Make no mistakes, I was a pampered child, but I never was the one who throws a fit and acts in rage. I had to follow the rules.

I enjoyed every inch of my childhood, met celebrities who I was crushing on. I enjoyed my girlhood, and did tonnes of pajama parties with my girlfriends.

I can totally, smell my childhood. It was perfect for me, but now being a parent, I realize it’s not as perfect for the parents! It’s a lot of hard work and dedication.

That was quite a walk, down my memory lane, thinking about the pleasant memories.

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