February (Goals)

I feel so good, that this new month is here.  Now, I can start over afresh.

So, my goals of the month are :


  1. Cleaning  and organizing my home and life
  2. Exercising four time a week.
  3. And, wait for it…ditching the diet coke.

Yes, the point number 3, has been  visited many times, but just because I have failed (many times) in the past does not mean I will fail again.

I’m NOT quitting soda, I’m just swapping  it for non-diet only once a week or month.

But in FEBRUARY there will be no soda what so ever.

I wont lie, just this picture makes me want to sip the  satisfying zero calorie drink. But, the issue is that, I drink wayy too much. I think I have hit my rock bottom now!


For accountability I will update regularly on Instagram (cleaning, diet coke, work-out)& SparkPeople (just the diet &exercise)!

How was your January? What are the goals you have made? I have also decided that, I will show some self-love to me:)

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6 thoughts on “February (Goals)”

    • Diet Coke was my thing too. Four years ago I convinced myself I could quit drinking soda for a year…and I did. Since then I can have an occasional soda, but never again with the diet. Too easy for me to drink 0 calories.

  • I quit mountain dew cold turkey. Haven’t had one since Christmas! I’ve only had one day that I REALLY wanted it. You can do it.

    I’m on Spark People too. User name: Sarah-LCC. Look me up if you want.

  • Cute blog! …Oh man, I too am a Diet Coke Addict! I have tried to give it up many many times. Now, I have a golden rule “Only 1 diet coke a day” …I follow it most of the time haha. Weekends are the toughest. Good luck! And Happy February!

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