Thankful Thursday 

In this world there is so much to be thankful for. But, as the prompt says I’m sharing what I’m thankful for not having
1) I’m thankful that I don’t have  that all or nothing mentality when it comes to losing weight. I love my body and I love that I can enjoy a treat every now and then and still be fit.I’m thankful that I don’t believe in fad diets like Atkins or general motor diets anymore.

2) I love my Diet Coke. And I know how bad it is. I’m thankful that even after consuming more than I can count, I’m safe and not having any serious health issue.

It’s true weight loss is kind of easy ( for me) when I can distract my hunger with the soda, but then the health hazards are more.

3) I’m thankful for not having the typical in-laws. They are so supportive and loving that I barely miss my own home.

4) I’m thankful that I don’t have much friends. Earlier I used to feel really sad. But, then I would have not got into blogging.
What are you thankful for *not* having? 

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5 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday ”

  • I am thankful to not have an illness more serious than what I have now. When it gets tough, I can remind myself that there are people out there that have it worse than me, so I better suck it up.
    I am thankful that I don’t have kids that are jerks. They aren’t perfect, but they are two very amazing girls who will turn out to be amazing women.

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