Valentines Day Gifts For Husband! #MMM

Valentines Day Gifts For Husband! #MMM

Valentines day, is just around the corner & we all love gifts.  I think, husbands act all cool, that they do not really want gifts, but well, when you give the gift its a different story.

Here I’m sharing my top three ideas, that are not very costly and can be done at home!

Mixed Tape  

I’m a little old school when it comes to being romantic. I made my man a mixed tape. Does a ‘mixed’ u.s.b count? 😉 It can be a mix of both yours & his favorite love songs. And, don’t forget to add ‘your’ song. The song which takes you back to your wedding day or honeymoon!


If, you want to make something like this, you can always sneak it in the night stand, or just  hide it, on the tray with breakfast!


Bake or Cook

 Bake or cook him something special. A homemade basket of muffins is a good idea. I wanted to do something else, this time. So, I made him  biscuits.



 Valentines Day is all about chocolates, so why not gift him that?  And, if it is a personalized one it totally seals the deal 🙂

All, you need is his favorite bar of chocolate, a white paper and printout of his name with the message (in accordance with the size of the bar).

Once you wrap the white paper on the chocolate, carefully stick the message on the white paper. You can get as creative with this as you want. Use pictures, or a handwritten note etc.

So, what are you planning to give your spouse, this valentines day? I even made a  V-day ms word letter for him. That fit perfectly well in the u.s.b along with the songs!

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