Workout Wednesday#3

Workout Wednesday#3

Today’s guest post, is by Aditi, who is an amazing you tuber. You can check-out her videos here, on her channel – That Quirky Miss. You can also follow her on social media handles: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Thank you so much Aditi, for taking the time to write for my blog. I see, you have made an amazing transformation &  I’m sure my friends can use the help from the tips you give.

Nothing to explain too much, one fine day- April 2016- I weighed myself and I had crossed the boundaries of 60s and went far ahead to 68 kg – Yes, 70s were not that far away.
Contemplating on the bad decisions I knew it was time to get back at it again. Those wasted 3 years had taught me many other lessons on different scenarios that now I was able to overcome the shock of gaining 15 kg in 3 years. I was not that young girl from 2012, this time I knew better, I made sure not to starve myself and make a realistic plan that I can follow as a lifestyle- not for a short period of time and give it up later. To eat right and workout at home as I can’t afford, or rely on gym & aerobics forever.
I was fascinated with fashion & beauty youtubers and searched for various fitness youtubers when I came across this inspiring personality- 
Joanna Soh



 Knowing better this time I just pledged to just eat home cooked food, not skipping on my mom’s rotis with ghee or any fried pakoras. On watching Joanna’s videos I learned to give myself the liberty of a cheat meal (Not a day- a meal). One big fat meal- Once a week! So as I worked out I was also excited to decide which meal I’m going to try this Sunday(my cheat day)


I made a plan for myself to workout on specific areas of my body where I have more fat and want to cut it down. I included triceps exercises on an everyday basis, and also worked on my thighs and calves.
Before starting, please do warm up first, to get your body ready for an intense workout and a total body stretch after the workout, so that you don’t end up with sore muscles the other day. Sore muscle problem happen a lot to me, so much so that I’m not able to move the other day- full body stretches are tried and tested by me- they have helped me to carry on my routine on a regular basis. I cannot explain how important these two steps are.
I workout for about 30 minutes for 6 days in a week and have seen great results which I’ll share at the end of this post. You can read, about my work-out details here, on my blog.

1. Just keep in mind to avoid aerated drinks and eat as many veggies as you can- I eat my special little salad everyday that feels full.
2. Try and distinguish between hunger and cravings. When you’re hungry, you’ll want any type of food. When you experience a craving, it’s for a specific food- which is not what your body needs- just a false alarm from your greedy taste buds. This specifically happens to me while I’m on my period. Some people crave for sweets, some for anything spicy.
I’m linking two video for you from Joanna’s channel that helped me during the initial stages of my healthy diet plan-
Combat Period Cravings
> How to Stop Overeating
3. Its the best way to lose weight, please drink lots and lots of water- this will not only keep your tummy full, but will also get rid of any kind of swollen body parts that make you feel fat due to water retention. Also, drinking water is the easiest way to healthy hair & skin!
4. This by far is the most crucial step, dissect your diet potions- have a heavy breakfast ( wholesome & nutritive ) a normal lunch and a light dinner. Have dinner at least 3 or 4 hours before you sleep. I have dinner at 8 as I sleep at 11.

This is second post of Workout-Wednesday. You can read the first one here.

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  • Fabulous this one. Very inspiring. Thanks Z and Aditi. I’ve been trying to eat clean offlate, it ain’t easy, but so worth the effort. My sweet tooth just gets the better of me. But I’m looking keeping the resolve and sticking to my workouts and “clean” food.

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