Thankful Thursday – The 5 women in my life I am thankful for

Thankful Thursday – The 5 women in my life I am thankful for

The prompt for the week is – The 5 women in my life I am thankful for. so let’s just  dive into this.

My mother – as cliched it may sound,  my mother is my BFF! She has been putting me before her, even before I was born! (I understand this A LOT better, after becoming a parent)  She is so brave and strong, I wish I had that strength in me.

me as a baby, with mom

 My mentor– Aunty Devyani tutored me from class  second-sixth. Due to illness, I missed school for a month & we needed a tutor to help me get back with the class. I never used to read, but she is the one who introduced me to the wonderful world of books. I ended up reading a lot, more than just ‘Enid Blyton’ books. Few example: “Gone With The Wind’,  ‘ Nancy Drew’s’, Jeffery Archer etc. I’m still in touch her via whats’app.

School Best Friend – Shalini -We have shared so much together. Lot of pajama parties, lot of funny talks and well, lot of  ‘crank calls’. Now,she is  is in Dubai . We do not really meet as much we should, but the spark’s still alive 😉 It has been so many years and I hope we can always be there for each other!

My mother-in-law– I’m not saying  we do not have our moments of truth, but I’m saying we survive despite of them. She is the one, who  taught the entire cooking  all I could do was bake cakes 😉 She has pampered me like her own daughter. I used to sleep till 1 (NOON!) ans she would call me up to say, dear time to wake up. Now, ain’t that cool?

Tanvee – Couple of years ago, I was going through a rough patch, eating all I could and I expressed it on my blog. One of my blog friend Tanvee, contacted me & offered to help me. She designed work-outs and diets for me. And, she did not charge a single dime. She has been very busy and rarely blogs now. But, here is a link. Her blog is a treasure, of workouts!!! She introduced me to Hiit and floor workouts, which I did not even know existed. I would like to say a big thankyou to her, for being such a warm woman. She wrote a guest-blog for me, do read that to learn about her wonderful weight loos journey.

I want to thank all my new friends, who I have met via twitter/blog-hops- Romila (thankyou for making my blog so pretty) , Amrita, Bushra, Mayuri, Isheita, Priya, Shalini B, Tina, Mayuri, Natasha, Dipika, Deepa,Shalini (kohleyedme) who have been so nice to me.

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