Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

The prompt this week is – 5 Womanly Quirks I’m Thankful For.

I’m pretty excited to write this post, but also scared about revealing my quirks…you know 😉

With that said, we all are unique and have different quirks to be proud of 😉

  1. Magic– No, not the abra-kadabra magic, but I do strongly believe that if we truly want something we get it. But, this ‘something’ is like magic, because we have no control on making it happen. It ‘just’ happens by fate. I have been a S.R.K fan since  (well a looong time) I always wanted to meet him. I finally met him in 2011 thanks to someone who thought of me to make this happen. Q.E.D!


2. YouTube Crazy –  I’m obcessed with YT! I have updated my cupboards, dressing table, fridge, etc. All using the help of you-tube. I get obsessed with the organizing videos and when I go on a mission, I just do not stop.  I also, love to learn as much as I can on work-out and diet etc.

3. Serial Killer –  It’s no secret that I lve TV shows. I do not watch it 24/7, but I do watch it before bed (every night!) And, when I do my longer runs the tv shows are a life saver! No shame, cos to be honest I have learned a lot from these shows, and any knowledge is knowledge!

4. Clingy– I tend to not ‘let go off things’ easily. 99 % it’s not good, but it can also be good at times. If, you keep pushing your case or keep insisting on making something happen, WHO KNOWS it just might happen!

Something else I believe in.

5. Make up? –  I think I would be the only woman in the world who ‘buys’ make-up, creams but, forgets to use it. When I go to weddings, I stick to mascara, foundation and lipstick. At times, I will skip the foundation or the eye liner.  Infact, when I want to go all the way, (real stuff!) someone even came up to me and said, “Oh, so you decided to wear more than lipstick today’

I really feel fine, with less make-up.  Having unused creams, is another story!

This post is a part of #ThankfulThursdays hosted by Tina, Mayuri, Amrita and Deepa.

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