Workout Wednesday #2

Workout Wednesday #2

This is a guest post, by my friend Wendy, who I met on Instagram.

Thank you so much Wendy, for taking the time to write for my blog. I see, you have made an amazing transformation &  I’m sure my friends can use the help from the tips you give. I’m pretty motivated and already looking for workout videos on glutes 🙂

If you have any questions for her, feel free to leave it in the comment box below!

Her username on  instagram is ( wendy_is_an_island_girl)

Hi!   My name is Wendy and I’m officially a fitness-holic! Ha!   Something I never thought I would hear myself say.   

As background, growing up I was fit and healthy (track, cheerleading, hiker, etc).
I had 2 kids in my late 20’s and lost all but 10 lbs after the 2nd child.
In my 30’s i stayed pretty healthy with little kids keeping me busy and active.
At 38 I went back to college to complete my degree (on top of working full time, raising kids and a husband -yes you read that right- and keeping a household running).  When I graduated at 41, I was exhausted. My oldest went away to college a year later.  I was sad, missing him, and spent too much time holding down the couch and eating snacks a lot when I was home every evening… and within a year packed on 15 pounds. What?!?!    I wasn’t obese, just kinda what I call “fluffy and doughy.
In 2013 I discovered I was pre-hypertensive, thanks to work stress, too much sodium and soda, over-eating and lethargy.  My metabolism came to a screeching hault around 42 years old, and one day .
I couldn’t get my shorts or pants zipped anymore. I had “bra fat” and double butt cheeks (you know, the fat pooch below a butt cheek and upper hamstring area?!)   I had to admit the hardest thing, my worst fear; … “You got fat girl!  You are unhealthy!” Ugh.
My son had become obsessed with weight-training while at college which, in addition to some scary heart flutters from prehypertension, inspired me to get my shit together.  I started running a few nights a week around my neighborhood (and when I say run, I really mean slow jogged about 50 feet and had to stop, walk a while and try another 50 feet) good God I was so out of shape!
I became obsessed with fitness Instagrams (fitness inspiration, food prep, weight lifting, workouts, running, body goal pix- anything that was motivating).  I eventually joined a gym to lift weights which is when I really noticed transformation!  I had muscles!!!! GASP!
4 years later I’m healthier and happier than ever. I dropped 20 pounds, which probably 15 of it was below the waist hahaa!)
I went from pants size U.S.14  to 8’s/10’s (or XL to Medium).   The best part is losing inches off my entire body as I shed fat and gained muscle (everything tightened and shrunk!)
Some things I have learned during my journey are:
1)  At first until you learn how to eat properly, use a free app to keep track of calories, later on eating healthy will come naturally – “train your brain” as well as your body!  Try to stick to a Plant Based/high protein/high fiber diet – limit and try to cut out high fat/high calorie/sugary foods the majority of the time.  Yes, have that piece of chocolate every now and then… You know, especially when Aunt Flo visits hhahaaaaa!  Just reset the next morning!
2)  DRINK WATER all day long!  Hydration and flushing your body is key!
3)  Simple science.. Burn more calories than you consume –  30 to 60 mins a day x atleast 4 times a week should kick start your metabolism.
4)  Your lower body muscles will burn the most calories. (Glutes, Quads, Hammies, Calves)  Don’t believe me?   Do 50 deep squats (keep your back straight to prevent injury)!  Then pick up a couple 5 to 10 lb dumbells and do 25 lunges each leg.   I guarantee you will feel like jello, be sweating like a beast and probably walk funny the next day :)!
5) Weight training is very  important!   Start light, concentrate on form so you don’t injure yourself.  Focus on one area per workout (arms one day, legs one day, back/core one day, etc)  There are so many fitness Instagram’s with weight training videos for instruction.  Ladies you will love seeing your fat turn into solid tight muscle, and clothes become loose!  It took me about 6 months to see the change and then I turned into one of those mirror A-holes that have to flex as you pass a mirror Hahahaha!
6)  Be patient!!   Your journey takes time.   And there is no “end”.   Everyone’s body changes at different speeds.   Men change quicker thanks to testosterone.  Never compare yourself to others; only to the person you were yesterday.   Compete only against YOU!   This is a life change, a new way of living HEALTHILY- new eating habits, staying active, challenge your body (if 25 squats are easy, add 10 more and grab heavier dumbbells to hold).
Remember… “Eat to live, don’t live to eat”.    You got this!

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