Letter C

Letter C

 C is for Carbs!!!!

I’m nowhere close to my goal weight, but I certainly hope that this year is the year!!!!

When I started my weight loss journey, I never deprived myself of any food and I was not miserable.

But, as the results were slow I got a little impatient and cut out some carbs.

Results were good, no workout, no carbs and I lost weight like magic.

But, did it last? NO!


It becomes addictive to see small numbers on the scale, but as a matter of fact I cannot just eat chicken and veggies or just egg whites forever.


Another thing that happened to me, was that I started looking haggard. I was pale and cranky.

So, make sure you do not eliminate the carbs from your diet, because as I said that, we want to be healthy & fit and not skinny & weak.



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