Letter F

Letter F is for Finish Line!

If you are on a fitness journey or (starting one) I have news for you.

There is no finish line. And, I say that in a good way.


When you do your first plank in 20 seconds, you aim do hold it for 30 seconds for next time. Or, when you ace the beginner level, you cannot wait to better the advanced one.

Your goals will change in both, eating and exercise.

I think that is the best part of this journey.

When you cook your first wholewheat pasta, you may want to notch it up a little next time with homemade pasta sauce instead of store bought. Or you may swap our granola bar for a piece of fruit.

Let’s get back to our notebook and start noting down, what we are eating or how many burpees  can we do in 20 seconds?



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