Letter H

Letter H


H is for Hungry/ Hunger!

So, you must be thinking what kind of health and fitness write up is this? H doesn’t stand for a hike but HUNGRY?

(I have no degree in being a nutritionist but I talk from my own research and experience.)

So, if you are trying to lose weight  you would be scared of the word Hunger, or hungry. But, if your eating patterns are good, then you are aware of what this post could be about.

How many times did you start a diet and left it by the next meal, ummm because you were too hungry?


Well, let me assure you, you aint alone. 

I never thought I could lose weight. Why? Because I felt hungry all the time. Right after my morning tea I wanted another tea with a bunch of biscuits. And, by lunch I would snack on things like toffees or even tomatoes and cucumbers.

And, after lunch till dinner I used to keep snacking. (OMG)

My point here is, that if we think “hunger”  or “being hungry’ is our enemy then we surly cannot help ourselves.

So, Lets conquer hunger by food. Good Food

When you are trying to lose weight or get healthy in general, the first point is that, DO NOT deprive yourself of your favorite food. Or just food, People go bonkers and start living on shakes or soups and by the end of two days you grab the big mac!

Remember, we spoke about baby steps, in the past this is where we formulate those baby steps.

The pictures below,  might help you get my point.

Lets simplify it 

A is hungry, so she fills her plate with some good amount leafy greens with a side of grilled fish/chicken,  She is happy, because she IS losing weight. So what if she is cranky and mean and looks ill.  Then she will have the exact same food for dinner. Make no mistakes, as she is off sugar, her breakfast is just egg whites and some sauteed veggies, on tortilla-but no carbs after 7!!!!

The above meal plan looks promising, because yes it WILL MAKE you slim.  But it has a finish line ,And that varies from persn to person. I could do it for a month and drank copious amounts of diet coke with that.Let/s not deviate from our main topic for today carry on…

But if you live on just live on salads and shakes  do you ever feel  NOT HUNGRY?

I lost some good amount of weight being strict but, then I missed my breakfast and my eating everything in moderation. I’m a  STAY AT HOME MOM l I need to follow a more livable plan.


So, what I would do is that, my plate would definitely not have just fish and greens.


And, your source of healthy fat can vary from a spoon of olive oil to any other nut oil.

We should not be afraid of the  sugar in fruits, unless you are prepping for bikini competition. Fruits provide nutrients vital for health and maintenance of your body.

YES!!!For real!!!!

And lastly, we come to the the most important meal of the day- breakfast!

So, do not start your day with just egg white scramble, Or, if that is your forte try it with some butter and add a side of some fresh fruits!


When I started my journey in 2012 I lost about 5 kilos without any guidance, besides the net. It took me six months though, but because I lost them SLOW and enjoyed my diet and ate everything in moderation, I have never gone back to ‘that’ highest weight.

More on  this in coming days.

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