Letter I

I  stands for Imagination and Inspiration

When we embark on the journey of weight loss, it’s really easy to forget why did we start in the first place, and it gets easy to be disheartened!

Imagination creates reality

Let’s just put it this way: Just think how will you feel when you complete the three mile run/walk in lesser time than you usually do? Or when you, lose 5 or even 2 kilos?



You need to ‘imagine’ yourself creating the magic, because believe me that is what will give you the push, you need every single day!

With that said, do not forget to ‘Inspire’ yourself. Because, it’s you vs you!

So, even if it’s a ten minute workout a day, that gives you the faith, so I say go for it. Do not think, that a 60 minute session is your only ticket to inspiration. Baby Steps,!

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