Letter K


K stands for Keeping the eyes on the prize

I have noted this problem, with myself and I think it could be common.

Once i reach a certain weight, I tend to spiral out of focus and start indulging more,in food.

I reached my ‘lowest’ weight in last ten years back in December, and ever since I have not been able to stay as committed as I was. Sadly, I have even gained some weight.

And, that’s when this notion comes handy: Keep the eyes on THE prize!

Many times, we lose the weight just to gain it all back. Or. as with me we lose focus in between the journey. It’s on such times, we need to remind ourselves that we did not come this far, to only come this far.

Now, I’m not saying it will happen to you, because I do know people who have never gained once they set their mind to the goals.

It’s because they kept imagining the end, and did not let one bad moment turn in to a bad week (in my case months!)

So, let’s brush ourselves right up, and not forget our final destination in the journey!

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