Letter N

N stands for Negative thoughts Need To Go

It’s easy to be swept by negativity and make ourselves feel lesser than we are!

It’s even more easy to think negative about our body parts.

Mentally and physically we need to not let the negativity control us.


Because, the more we let negativity creep in the more we start looking down at ourselves.

We all have bad days and nights, it’s life and never is life in a straight line!!!

Last three months have been extremely hard for me, and I have done more damage than good to myself mentally and physically!

What I have learnt is, that despite the ugly mood it’s better to not to drink away the negativity with soda or eat it with candy bars!

Instead, just aim for a ten min workout and you will be surprised that, the workout= made you happier!


For one, you will feel : I’m in a bad place, yet I managed to do ten (or more) mins of workout! I can do this! 

I stick by the workout tip, because it is HARD to control your brain and if you can do it in bad times, you are becoming a strong person!

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