Letter O



Letter O stands for Oh My God (O.M.G)

I still remember that first O.M.G  I got back in 2015!


When people saw me carry less weight, at a party, it was like I became the talk of the evening.

Everyone was like : oh my God, zainab what did you do? You look great!


You look thinner than what you were when you got married!  Wow!


Wow, you have become thin! I hate you!


Wow, you look weak and pale. Do you eat?
What my point is that, when this moment comes in your life, & I promise it will, come! I just want you to cherish it.

Because, it’s not an omg moment for them, alonebut for you too!

You will always remember how people envied you, complimented you or in rare circumstances got sarcastic with you!

And personally, I don’t mind the sarcasm as it just means that the other person is jealous ?



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