Letter Q 

Letter Q  – Quick Work Out?

I certainly don’t think, that there are quick ways to lose weight, but I do think you can do quick workouts.

When you start with quick workouts, you are forming a practise to start working out.

I have said it before, for me I saw the results really fast when I did  non quick workouts- 3-4 miles almost four days a week.

But, I just have not been able to keep at it.

So, instead of not working out at all- I started aiming for doing HIIT and 4 min workouts.

YouTube is a treasure of such workouts & I will share all my finds soon:)

My tip – if you are just starting out, and you can’t even think of working out- just promise yourself to do 10 mins a day.

Just TEN mins. You can do this, right?


1 min march in place ( warm up)

( each should take you about 1min)

10 burpees 

10 push ups

10 Knee Lifts

10 bench dips

Repeat any 3 of the above again

1 min march on spot

I started with a ten a min a day – workout and I used to walk on my treadmill. I didn’t know anything about Hiit or workouts.

But, when I started ten mins  daily, I myself started increasing the time to 20 mins.

You don’t have to follow this workout, I just gave an example:)

Credit* I learnt these exercises via Tanvee. You can checkout her blog here!


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