Letter X

Letter X stands for going the  X-tra mile

How to get in few x-tra steps a day?

If you want to sneak in some extra ways to be active, or just want to be active in general you can try the following. Personally, whenever I’m on a vacation or not working out I try to stick by them!

1) Take the stairs, skip the elevators. Yes, even if it’s one floor!

2) Park your car to the furthest point from the market or your friends place!

3) Try a short 4 min workout, any movement is better than nothing at all.

4) If you can, invest in a exercise machine. Then, you are bound to walk / cycle on it if it keeps staring at you.

5) Try to  walk to wherever you generally drive. Example- next time you have to pick up your kids from school, and if it’s few blocks away don’t drive, walk!

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