Best gifts for new mums! #MMM

Being a mother is one of the best feeling, a  woman can ever experience. 

Coming to the prompt, I’m going to share my top ten gifts for new mums!

1. Something FOR the Mom. Yes, before I would go gifting something for her baby, I would like to give something substantial to her as well!

It could be a small perfume, or a kurta or even a home baked cake– but something that has her name written all over it.

2. Baby Montior – I think this is the best gift a new mom can have. You, keep an eye on your baby even when you are in the next room, or kitchen. I used it till my kids turned 3, & absolutely recommend it.

3. Baby Gym – After a month or two, your baby can enjoy lying down in the baby gym and enjoy some working out 😉

4. Bottle Steriliser – You can save yourself a good amount of time, if you don’t have to boil the bottles the old way! Just wash and put the bottles in the steriliser  and  in a few minutes, the bottles are as good as new!

5. Stroller – Well, I think that’s something we don’t have to elaborate on, right?

6. Hand Sanitizer- It’s ok to be a little finicky when you have a new born! And, what better than having friends who gift you a hand sanitizer, and know they they need be germ free when toucknyiur precious one! 

7. Trendy diaper bag – Why gift a diaper bag, when you can gift a trendy, modern diaper bag? It looks stylish and is roomy enough to keep everything you will need for your baby!

8. Bouncy Chair – This gift will let the Mom enjoy  some ‘me’ time as, the baby enjoys his ‘me’ time listening to music in the chair and engaging in the vibrations!

9. Blanket Sets – Well, who doesn’t like arm sized blankets? They are cute right? Go for a personalised blanket / pillow or even a simple one will be good enough!

10. Diapers – Yes! Diapers! This is one gift that, looks a little unlikely for you to buy, but it’s the most useful and if, if, you have no time to invest in something this is your thing. Trust me, this will do the trick 😉

and #MondayMommyMoments hosted by Dr. Amrita Misra and Deepa Gandhi.

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